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The Truth about Thermal Imaging

There are many misconceptions about the use of thermal imaging and so I wanted to give you an overview of what thermal imaging actually is. What it isn’t and how it can provide value if the thermal scan is performed accurately.  

Thermal imaging is one of THE BEST ways to detect the number one cause of damage to a property – which is water. Water damage unattended can result in structural problems, mould, and more; leaving you with an unplanned costly repair. It is vital to detect any potential water problems as early as possible.


Buying a home can be a very challenging and stressful time, especially when it comes to deciding whether to conduct a home inspection. As a professional real estate agent, my feeling is that it is part of the process, and shouldn’t be an option, regardless of the type or style of property being purchased. I feel so strongly about this topic that I decided to write about it, so that others can learn how important a home inspection is and why it is worth every penny.

Recently I had the good fortune to sit down with a professional home inspector based in Calgary and chat about what he does and how it is an important part of due diligence before waiving conditions on a home. Tyrone Mellon has a 19+ year background in residential and commercial construction, and has been a fully licensed inspector for several years in and around Calgary. I hope that this information adds weight to your decision to professionally inspect you investment. 

Why is a home inspection important to buying a home?

A home is most likely your largest investment in your lifetime. By having a bonded, insured and qualified inspector inspect the house components (roofing, structural, electrical, plumbing, cooling, heating, exterior and interior) will give the home seller the piece of mind and confidence when purchasing the home in question. This will also allow you and your family to sleep better at night knowing you have made the right decision.

Why is a home inspection important for a condo purchase?

Purchasing a condominium, either brand new or resale, can have water damage or construction defects. These concerns can and will equal a future cash call that may not be on your radar. Understanding the facts and ages of the components (including the air conditioning units on the condo property) allows you to budget or negotiate the purchase price to factor any surprises.

Of course, a condominium document review is strongly suggested to compliment the home inspection, as a way of understanding the condo corporation and if any special assessments are on the horizon for the building and the workings inside and outside. I will address the condominium document review in a future blog post.

What are three issues that you see come up the most in home inspections?

  1. Settling concrete foundations (small cracks, large cracks)
  2. Poor moisture management in homes - i.e. possible mold in the walls/ceiling
  3. Older components in furnaces, hot water tanks, boilers, humidifiers, electrical panels (i.e. aluminum wiring, loose connections, etc.) all requiring long overdue maintenance or replacement.




Homeowners can also call for an inspector to inspect their home prior to listing, as a way of knowing what state the home is presently and to give a sort of heads up and knowing what might come up with the buyer’s inspection.

Stay tuned for part two when we look at what a person should look for in a home inspector and why. 

If you would like to book a home inspection with Tyrone Mellon, please contact him directly:

403.993.8006 or




Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2




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