As the song goes We are all going on a summer holiday .. no more working for a week or two! 

It’s here at last! Many families plan for their summer vacations months in advance but  also need to prepare your home for your vacation as well? Here are some tips to get ready!


Cut your grass as close to leaving as possible. I would suggest that you set the mower on the shortest cut you can get so that you don’t have to worry about it growing too much while you are away. Better still, if you can ask your neighbor to cut it while you are away, that’s a plus! Remember mowing your yard before a vacation makes it look like you are still at home, and may keep away potential intruders.

  1. Another thing you should do before you leave on vacation this coming summer is to cancel mail if it is delivered to your door or newspapers. You can pick your mail up at the post office once you arrive back home and start your service back up. This may sound like a huge ordeal but it really is an easy way to keep things neat and tidy while you are away from home. Newspaper build up is a sure sign that the homeowner is away.
  2. If you don’t want your house to stand out as if no one is home, you may need to install a flood light that is activated by motion outside of your home. This way if someone walks up to your house that is not suppose to the neighbors will be able to see them and can report anything out of the ordinary. Another good idea is to put some of your inside lights on timers so it looks like you are home.
  3. If you have a VAC mode (vacation mode) on your water heater it’s always a good idea to use it while you are away. Some people also have a security link or App on their cell for when they are away, which is very useful.

A vacation is all about relaxing, and with your home safe that is exactly what you can do ...Turn off your cell and kick back!!