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Make sure it is ready to sell, and show at it’s best

by Stewart J Lowe and Anne M Lindsay

Doing the repairs well before a property enters the market is important as prospective buyers prefer homes which are ‘move-in ready’. Even if the repairs that are required cost little time and money, prospective buyers do not want to carry them out themselves, as the last thing on their minds after all the searching for the right home and an exhausting move, is to carry out repairs. They will pay more for a house where all the necessary repairs have been carried out by the seller. And remember as they look at your home and see repairs, they are mentally deducting their estimated cost from the price!. And as we always say, the job that could cost you $500 the a buyer estimates at $1000.

Two most important rooms you need to check for repairs are the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure in the kitchen that the appliances are all in good working order. If they are not, you will have to either repair or replace them. When replacing appliances, make sure that you get the energy efficient models. You will have to look at your countertops to and fix any stains and chipped areas. Leaky taps or old sinks should be red flagged, consider replacing them. Cabinets and drawers may need replacements after years of use.

Cracked tiles are seen by a buyer as a big job and expense even though they may not look too bad, also check to see if you need to re-grout, it will make a huge difference. Caulking and broken seals around the toilet, tub, or sink are also must do areas. It is highly recommended to go for a new shower curtain and toilet seat. Look at the vanity and cabinets and check for any water damage. After this, check the home’s electrical and plumbing systems. Make sure that the electrical system is up-to-date and there are no issues like frayed out wires or plumbing leaks. There are Calgary Inspectors who will do a pre-listing inspection at a good rate. We can let you know a few contacts.

Check your lighting to see if any bulbs need to be replaced, remember to go only for energy-efficient lighting options. If weather permits get the roof checked for repairs. Make sure that there are no missing shingles/tiles on the roof and no issues with leaks, you don’t want a buyer to think it needs a new roof!.

Not carrying out certain repairs thinking it’s ‘negligible’ is definitely not recommended. Even if the need for such repairs is not detected during the home inspection, it can create issues after the sale. While carrying out repairs, make sure that you do them the right way and invest in quality, a quick fix with low quality products is as good as leaving the area unrepaired.

Pre-inspections are about $150 but you have a really good idea how you can set the home up for sale "in good shape". And the potential buyer will be well impressed that you went to that trouble!  Call us with any questions 403-850-0669


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