Many of you are well aware about what kind of furniture you want in your home. However, most people are not very knowledgeable about the correct arrangement of furniture. Let us look at the basics of furniture arrangement.

So before choosing furniture for a room here is what you need to do. Take a good look at it and the functions that you would like it to perform. These functions will decide the furniture. Do remember that more furniture will occupy more space, and can also make rooms look cramped. So it will make sense to go for furniture which effectively serves all your needs without occupying all your space.

Try to have a focal point in every room, years ago it was always the fireplace, things have changed a little but try to arrange the furniture looking at how the focal point is placed. While arranging furniture in the room, start with the biggest pieces of furniture first and try and avoid placing furniture against the walls.

As far as symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements are concerned, just remember this simple rule – symmetry is suitable for formal rooms while asymmetry is suitable for a more relaxed and informal setting.

One of the most important factors to consider while arranging furniture is the flow of traffic. The furniture should in no way be a barrier for movement from room and room and restrict flow.  Also furniture should be so placed that the traffic flow does not come in the way of activities like watching television.

Knowing the basics of furniture arrangement can be very useful, but if the proportions of your rooms and the floor plan are flawed, then you may not get the best results despite all your efforts.

It is evident that the arrangement of furniture is as important as the choice of furniture, because the wrong placement of even the best piece of furniture makes it a liability.

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