1. Bedrooms
  1. Rotate the Mattress – This will distribute the usage more evenly.
  2. Put on the winter Bedding – Time to put that heavy winter bedding on.
  3. Wash Pillows – Most pillows are machine washable, but they can also be hand washed in a tub.
  4. Clean Ceiling and Walls – This includes air vents, light fixtures, and switch plates.
  5. Dust Your Ceiling Fans – Be careful not to fall if you are using a ladder.
  6. Curtains and Blinds – Wash curtains and dust blinds.
  7. Clean your Closets – Sort through your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Donate what you have not used in the past year. Chances are, if you have not used it in the past year, you will not use it in the future. Also, store your summer clothes.
  8. They say by making space in your Closet you are letting the universe know you are making room for new clothes!