Condo living is for the buyer on a limited budget or just wants to be in the centre of everything. There are many common misconceptions about owning a condo such as big condo fees and rules that determine what you can or can’t do. Condos are sometimes overlooked by potential buyers who would probably love to live in one.  There are many benefits and conveniences that come along with living in a condo instead of a house.

 Here is why they are worth considering:   

1.  Value for Money
If you are looking to buy a home but with a limited budget, consider a condo. Typically they are much less expensive than a single family home.  In today’s market it is a great time to buy a condo, with sellers more realistic on their pricing.

2.  All the Size You Need
Condos provide you with enough space to feel comfortable, yet aren't too big that cleaning and maintenance become overwhelming.  This makes them perfect for a small family, people living alone, couples and senior citizens downsizing. 

3.  Want Access to A Gym?  Get a condo
Most of the bigger unit condos have gyms as part of their shared amenities and included in your condo fee.   They can also include assigned storage and your own (sometimes titled) underground heated parking stall.

4.  No More Yard Work or Snow Removal!
Caring for yards can be very time consuming and expensive if you get a landscape company to do it. So no more raking or blowing leaves in the fall, shoveling snow all winter, paying for snow removal services, and mowing the grass in the spring and summer.  Buying a condo means you get the luxury of not having to care for a yard, as condo fees cover common area landscaping.  

5.   The Benefit of Fees
Let’s look at the benefits of your condo fee which are covering the costs of many services, such as amenities, landscaping (mowing, trimming, planting, etc.), snow removal, and often sewer and water fees. Instead of paying multiple bills for all of those services in your apartment, you just make one payment. (This does not include your annual property tax)  Maintenance on the roof and the exterior of the building are usually covered in your fees. (Townhouses usually get billed for individual electricity)

 We can advise you on the different costs you will incur when you are deciding which to buy.  You would be advised to have a document inspection as part of your condition period, and we can suggest Document review companies that give a great service.

Remember: When buying a condo our aim is to be fully informed with no suprises. 

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