1)    Cut the grass as near to going away as possible. Set the mower on a really low cut, so it doesn’t grow too much whilst you are away. If you can get a family member or neighbor to cut it while you are away, great. Keeping your grass cut whilst you are away scares away potential intruders who think you are still home!


2)    Cancel the mail or have it held until you get back. It will keep things neat and tidy till you get back. Newspapers especially are a dead giveaway that you are away, so don’t let them build up.

3)    A motion detector light or outside lights on a timer are always a good thing to set before you go. It also enables neighbors to see anyone who comes close to your property.

4)    Set your water heater to “vacation mode” if possible.  Some people also have an App on their cell with a security link whilst away, another easy fix that gives you peace of mind.

5)    The main thing is to inform your neighbor of the days you will be away (remember one day you can return the favour) maybe give them your cell or a family members number just in case.

Your vacation is all about relaxing, and with your home safe, this is exactly what you can do....just chill