Should you go for a white kitchen?

Looking through the various interior design magazines, you might have noticed that white kitchens are quite popular these days. If you’re planning on a carrying out a kitchen remodel soon, here are a few things that you need to know. 

White kitchens are the timeless classic, a bit like white subway tiles!  Not only does white work well for kitchens, it has a very unique uplifting glow. White can make your kitchen look radiant and clean. 

Another benefit of white for your kitchen is that it is a colour that will go well with a lot of other colours and not create colour-clashes.  White will bring to life the cabinet hardware, light fixtures and granite, etc. White also leads to more light in your kitchen and makes the space look bigger.

From a resale point of view you can't go wrong with White. Neutral colours and themes are what works with prospective buyers, and white is as neutral as it gets. White will always enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal.

Ofcourse the colours of a kitchen are secondary to design and quality. Add to that a smart design and high-quality materials and products and you have a winner.

White is indeed a great colour for a kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it is the only colour. A good interior designer can show the various colour themes and combinations that can work well for your kitchen. Benjamin Moore Calgary have a great range of fabulous colors.