calgary snow

There are a lot of plus points to buying a home in Calgary in the winter. The first thing people say is “If you like it in the winter, you will love it in the summer”

In the winter months there is usually less inventory on the market, so buyers, especially new to Calgary buyers, have less to choose from. Instead of 12 that fit their criteria they only have 4 and will buy one of those. Most sellers want to wait till spring “when the snow is gone and the grass is green” but what they sometimes miss, is that there is a lot more competition.

It even applies to the Christmas period. If a seller gets showings over the Christmas holidays in Calgary they are usually keen buyers. And with 24 hour notice to show, it doesn’t have to be a total inconvenience. Not even the keenest buyer will want to see houses on Christmas Day, they respect the day and family time.

Here is another thought, some buyers like to see a home in winter with the leaves off the trees so they can really see what they are buying!

Just a few thoughts for buying in winter!


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