When you are searching for your next Calgary home, there are things to consider. If you are looking at older homes to increase your options make sure you have an in depth home inspection , they might be harboring issues beneath the surface. Here are some things to focus on when inspected. 

Foundation and Structural Issues
Obviously due to their age, older homes should be inspected thoroughly for foundational and structural damage. Cracks or unevenness in the foundation can lead to moisture damage and the shifting of the house.
 If your home inspector suspects structural damage, be sure to have the building inspected by a licensed structural engineer. 

Electrical and Plumbing Issues
Lots of older homes have their original plumbing and wiring. Updating these systems can be costly. But remember that older electrical can be a safety hazard and older plumbing can cause leaks  

Hazardous Material 
The older a home is, the more likely it is to contain hazardous materials. Asbestos 
is commonly found in homes built around 1978 and in plumbing installed before 1985. Asbestos can be found in gas fireplaces, roofing, and insulation that was installed before 1980. 

Outdated Heating and Cooling Systems
Some older homes will of had their heating systems upgraded and it's important to understand when and how these upgrades were made. Even a more up-to-date heating system can be inefficient and unsafe if it hasn't been maintained properly. 

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