Drilling holes into the wall is a very common practice. This may be for hanging pictures, installing shelves etc. Always be careful before drilling holes into the wall as you might end up damaging the concealed wiring or plumbing pipes etc. Check what is behind the  wall where you are planning to drill a hole into first.

The garden is another place that you have to be careful. In Calgary we have “Call Before You Dig” so make use of it if you are planning some holes in the garden.  Another mistake is not checking whether the ground slopes adequately away from the house – not doing so could lead to water accumulating around the house, and leading to water damage to the foundation.

Calgary has lots of mature older areas so watch out if you are cutting trees or long roots without checking everything. This is a great risk, as a falling tree could end damaging your house, or even the neighbour’s. Find out where the main water supply shutoff valve is, leading to great water damage to the house, furniture and other belongings in the event of an overflow flooding the house.

Don’t use low-quality materials or sub standard professionals for your home projects. Low quality does not last, and apart from having to do it again it will only cost you more in the long run.

Make sure your home improvement does not damage your home. Plan well in advance, and consult experienced recommended professionals before carrying out any changes to your property.


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