Most people don’t realize is that downsizing and de-cluttering your home in Calgary can really save you a lot of money. It can also help with a more stress free life when you de-clutter.

Take a look at your “Things” and what makes you hang onto them. What is your resistance to downsizing.  

Our Attachment to “Things”

Many of our things help give us a sense of our own identity. For instance, we may have lots of books that we intend to read. But now with Kindle etc they are just gathering dust. Closets full of clothes that we will never wear, why not send them to Goodwill. Our old furniture that we hang onto, now looks out of place with our new minimal “Look”.

Remember the furniture pieces you got from your grandmother? We also might inherent stuff from other family and friends and these “things” can have a powerful hold on us. Many times we can’t let go of them because they’re a link to a person we love. “Things” from our past can take on their own life!.

Sometimes we buy things to make ourselves feel better after maybe a bad week, or we buy because we are bored.

This is the recipe for a packed home that requires a big investment to keep up. From a cleaning perspective, we go around it all! How many people do you know who have 3 car garage in Calgary, but only use 2 garages and fill the other with” Things”.

So make the big push, you just might find you’re happier, have more time, and definitely have more space and more money in your pocket. Giving “things” to Goodwill also helps someone who needs it more than you, you don’t always have to sell it on Kajiji. Its Karma, what you send out will always return.

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