February is nearly here, the market is starting to move, but it’s better than that!

Everyone seller waits for the Spring because you can see the grass and how nice the garden is. But with positive news now happening and inventory being LOW, buyers who need to get into a home have less to choose from. You still have to list at a competitive price but remember you can buy at a competitive price to!

Here are some tips:

·       Make your home stand out! Great professional photos, glossy thick brochures and excellent marketing on ours and our affiliate websites, with a local AND Global reach.

·       Attractive plants can help your home feel inviting and homely, and maybe add a vase of flowers in the foyer to make it feel welcoming, especially if they compliment the color scheme.

·       Why not buy a couple of conifers to put at the front of your home to add some definition to the front entrance.

·       Your garden will be dead after the winter but you can spark it up! Use winter pansies garden greenery can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your home from the kerb appeal aspect.

·       Don’t make your home feel cramped or messy- CLEAR THE CLUTTER! Don’t reduce the space for buyers to move around. Particularly with furniture left in hallways or places where the buyer(s) have to weave through.

·       Clear your work surfaces especially in the kitchen. Put toasters, pressure cookers and Vitamix appliances away. After kitchens, clear your bathrooms and add some nice fresh new white towels from Ikea, every designers favourite, and make sure the mirror (s) sparkle..

·       In the bedroom, smooth down the duvet, it will make it really make it look neat and clean.

·       Fix the little things! hunt for the minor issues, because a buyer will think – what else have they neglected if they can’t be bothered fixing that small item.

·       Lastly don’t make your home feel too personal with unique family heirlooms and the collection of dolls or records you amassed as a teenager. Use an area of the garage to store things, buyers are ok with a garage being full or used for storage, they can still see the size etc.

·       Take a walk through your home- think like a buyer – or better still call us and we will do it with no attachment, we are here to SELL IT.

·       Call us for a marketing consultation 403.850.0669  info@calgarydreamhomes.com