So we have done all the current research - looked at homes that are available in Calgary and Area. Compared the area and community actives and solds, price per sq ft, days on the market and history of the home. And we have narrowed down your top six! - one of them could be yours – as long as you make the right offer!

So how do we make the right offer? That’s a very important question to consider.

Consider that even in a Sellers market in Calgary, if you offer too low, you risk the seller turning you down flat. You may not even get a chance to make a second offer. No counter from the seller means  your offer is dead. If there is a lot of interest in the home, yours may be at the bottom of the pile!

If your offer is too high, you could leave a few thousand dollars on the table... money that you could have been used for other important things, like renovations or a family vacation.

So before deciding how much to offer for a home you would like, it is time for a team talk! With 17 years in Calgary Real Estate you can have the comfort of knowing you are in good, experienced hands.

We will discuss what goes into a good offer and other ways to strengthen your offer. Sometimes a slightly lower offer that has good conditions that work for the seller (possession date etc.) can be more appealing. A pre-approved mortgage letter from your lender is huge, to go with your finance condition.

Remember, it is good to work with the seller to make it a win-win for both parties. 

So we need to talk


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