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Oct. 29, 2019

What Buyers Actually Look For In A Calgary Home


Ok, so we are about to list your Calgary home and you think you have it right. We have given you our advice and some complimentary staging options, then you start to second guess what the potential buyers will like or dislike!. But this is where you have to relax because part of our service is to take away anxiety, and selling your home should not be stressful.

The first Impression: So usually they are ok with the price range or they would not see the value in your home and their realtor would not be showing it to them. Remember first impressions, the home has to have good curb appeal, grass cut and weed wacked, front door and entrance washed down and sparkling clean. If they have a negative at the front door such as lack of TLC it will follow them through the home and everything they look at.

Showtime: Blinds up for showings, remember it’s showtime and that means light and space, that is what most buyers like. And you already de-cluttered didn’t you?

Tick the Boxes: They begin the walkthrough and hopefully start to tick the boxes. Flooring, appliances, open concept. The floors look good and the job you did on cleaning the house is paying off. Nobody likes someone else’s dirt.

Projects: Most people don’t mind one maybe two projects especially if they are cosmetic, but don’t have the “they can fix it attitude” because you are setting yourself up for a low offer.

Organized: Features that help keep them organized are important to many homebuyers. Having a laundry room where they can keep laundry out of sight in a separate room is good. In a recent survey 90% of those surveyed said it was a huge plus, 57% said they would be unlikely to buy a home without it. A walk-in pantry in the kitchen is considered desirable by 85% of buyers.

Entertaining: They will picture their family and friends visiting, have they got the space, is there some outdoor living.

Garden area: Has the garden been worked on and received love and care, or is it another project. Hard to see in winter months, but buyers are looking for “tell tale signs”.

Efficiency: A top priority for many Calgary buyers is the energy efficiency of the home, insulation, how are the windows, have the furnaces been maintained, filters changed. Make sure it is serviced and there is the all important sticker on it!

Location: Will the home work for them as the kids grow up, school location as well as the homes location can be a big plus or minus.Whats the community like?

Road Access: How hard or easy will it be to get to work, drop the kids at school, where is the school bus pick up, and what is the travel time at both busy times of the day.

Garage Space: Garage space for storage of bikes, lawn care and sports equipment is high on the buyers list. Cupboards and a workbench in the garage are important. In Calgary water drainage for winter is a big plus.

Getting Serious: When the buyer seriously considers your home it usually starts with the “feel” of the house, does it work, where little Johnnies room! Then they have to see the value in it, compared to other homes they have seen. This can be hard in a down market when the competition is a lot greater.

This is why you need a team to work with, offer advice based on experience, and guide you through the decision making.

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Oct. 25, 2019

Tips To Reno Your Calgary Bathroom- Before You Sell

Bathrooms are among the most important areas to cover while carrying out home improvements when getting your home ready to sell. When bathrooms are in excellent condition it can appeal greatly to prospective buyers – especially in a competitive market, just one factor like the bathrooms can be enough for a buyer to choose one home over the next.

It doesn’t have to be like a Luxury Spa but must look comfortable and clean. Over time a lot of grime in the tile grout can accumulate and the over bathroom surfaces may look dull.

You can hire the services of professional cleaners. Remember that it is very important to keep neutral colors your bathroom. Bright vivid colors might appeal to you, but maybe not to a potential buyer. Keep it warm and inviting and make sure you clear all personal things away like toothbrushes and shampoo, especially for the photographer when you come to list it

Check any issues with plumbing and ventilation are addressed, even a leaky tap must be attended to. Storage space like shelves and cabinets are good as prospective buyers pay close attention to bathroom storage. Replace old fixtures like old toilet roll holders and towel rails with new more modern models. It is a good idea if your toilet looks old to definitely consider getting it replaced with a water-efficient one.

A few touches here and there can make all the difference. Put nice fresh white towels in it to make it look even more appealing. If your bathroom is a little small why not place a strategic large mirror to make it appear bigger. Paint it with light colours and use bright lighting to bring life to it.

The kitchen, bathroom and size of bedrooms are the main things buyers look for - make sure by using the right paint color and lighting that you give it the right feel!

Call us if you are considering your bathroom reno- before you sell. 403-850-0669


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Oct. 23, 2019

Downsizing Your Calgary Home


Most people don’t realize is that downsizing and de-cluttering your home in Calgary can really save you a lot of money. It can also help with a more stress free life when you de-clutter.

Take a look at your “Things” and what makes you hang onto them. What is your resistance to downsizing.  

Our Attachment to “Things”

Many of our things help give us a sense of our own identity. For instance, we may have lots of books that we intend to read. But now with Kindle etc they are just gathering dust. Closets full of clothes that we will never wear, why not send them to Goodwill. Our old furniture that we hang onto, now looks out of place with our new minimal “Look”.

Remember the furniture pieces you got from your grandmother? We also might inherent stuff from other family and friends and these “things” can have a powerful hold on us. Many times we can’t let go of them because they’re a link to a person we love. “Things” from our past can take on their own life!.

Sometimes we buy things to make ourselves feel better after maybe a bad week, or we buy because we are bored.

This is the recipe for a packed home that requires a big investment to keep up. From a cleaning perspective, we go around it all! How many people do you know who have 3 car garage in Calgary, but only use 2 garages and fill the other with” Things”.

So make the big push, you just might find you’re happier, have more time, and definitely have more space and more money in your pocket. Giving “things” to Goodwill also helps someone who needs it more than you, you don’t always have to sell it on Kajiji. Its Karma, what you send out will always return.

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Oct. 21, 2019

Maintainance Tips For Your Calgary Home

Steady maintenance strategies to keep your Calgary home in good condition

Let us look at a few smart strategies you could use to make your home look great throughout the year.

One of the factors that cause your home to age is moisture. Moisture can  not only cause your home to look worn out, it can even eventually damage the structure. So always be alert during a heavy rain and check for overflowing gutters. Also check the grading so no water is going towards the house. In most home inspector reports it is the first outside problem they fins, but its usually an easy fix with a good rake.

Look for leaks, and if you find any, have it fixed as soon as possible. Besides structural damage, water damage can even lead to the growth of mold. Use a caulk seal for all water-entry points around doors, windows etc.

Maintenance is simply prevention, regular checking is the best thing to avoid a big job.. It is always good advice to replace old components with new ones which will not only look better, but take less effort and time to maintain. It is wise to set aside money for maintenance and repairs – you have to be ready for the possibility of major repairs cropping up.

Remember that maintenance of a home of low-quality construction will cost you greatly in terms of money and time, with frequent repairs keeping you on your toes.

This is a good time of the year to check and fix things, the temperatures are still not below and the snow is not on the ground for long. Efficient maintenance on your Calgary home is all about smart work, and not hard work. With the extreme temperatures homes can take a heavy hit, by executing the right strategies you can be ahead of any costs down the line!

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Oct. 20, 2019

Bearspaw Latest Listings


Latest Homes For Sale In Bearspaw Alberta


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Oct. 18, 2019

Why Do I Have To Pay Calgary Condo Fees?



Remember a condo is a type of ownership, parts of the property are owned by individual people and all the other parts known as the "common areas" are shared between those people, they are all members of the condominium corporation and are responsible for the operating of the condo.


Part of the standard contract on an offer to purchase any condo is the seller providing of the condo documents during the condition period, this will help you understand the financial position and structure of any condo you are considering, These will include details of the Reserve fund study, Reserve fund financial statement, Minutes of corporation meetings, Condominium bylaws, Property management contract, Insurance, etc., because you do not want any suprizes further down the road.  We will help you understand these and walk you through them, and we have a link on the site to Condocheck who specialize in looking over all condo documentation.


Where does my condo fee go? during the condition period of any offer you make on a condo you will have the condo documents to look over with a Condo review company. These will give you the breakdown of everything that the condo fee is going towards, projected estimates and budgets of the condo corporation. When the condo plan is registered at land titles office a separate title is created for each unit. Shown on this title will be the breakdown of each owners share of the common property, this takes the form of "unit factors" based in any size of complex on a total of 10,000. So this "unit factor" can be based on the units proportionate square footage or the initial market price in comparison to the rest of the building. The budget is then put together for the condo complex, and the fees are distributed according to the unit factor of each condo.

It does not matter if you are a young person taking that giant step onto the property market, an “empty nester” who’s children have flown, or want to increase your portfolio for your retirement.  


Or simply change your lifestyle, free up a little cash, have some fun, get some traveling in, or indeed you could be thinking about giving your children the opportunity of owning their first home by providing their down payment. All these are good reasons to get into buying a condominium. Hopefully we can help you walk through the process.


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Oct. 18, 2019

Get Rid - Get Positive Energy!

Some Tips to De-Clutter For Positive Energy

You can add lots of positive energy to your Calgary home, by simply decluttering it and making the space sparkle.

Those who know say that Clutter creates stagnant energy and impedes the flow of positive energy.

Avoid keeping chipped, cracked or broken things for you know longer use, you won’t miss them.

Clean all the cupboards and drawers and clear things that are no longer of use, clean out the useless bits your hanging on to, then vac.

Add few spoons of sea-salt to the water and mop the floor with it. They say mopping the house with salt water reduces the effects of negative vibrations.

Another suggestion is anywhere a little mouse can go, put in a laundry Bounce sheet- they can’t stand the smell.

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Oct. 15, 2019

Thinking of Moving in Calgary & Area


If you are thinking of moving home in Calgary & Area within the next few months, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

1) The first is the market value of your current property. That's the amount your home will likely sell for in today's market. When you know its market value, you'll have a better idea of how much money will be available to invest in a new home.

2) The second is an overview of what's available on the market. Which of the homes currently available for sale meet your criteria with respect to the type of home, its special features, the neighbourhood, etc? How much are these homes selling for?

Our affiliate movers are Jays Moving based on personal experience. Ask for Dale and get a quote on 403-276-9003

With those two pieces of information, you'll be able to make a better decision.

Contact us today 403.850.0669. Moving to Canada Information



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Oct. 10, 2019

YYC Market Minute Real Estate October 2019

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Oct. 9, 2019

251096 Welland Way Video Mix- Just Listed. C4266995

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