If you have noticed certain problems in your Calgary home’s flooring – due to wear and tear, there are certain economical fixes which you could try before deciding on new floors. Carpet is a different fix, here we look at Hardwood and Laminate.

1)     How about using nail polish with a shade that resembles the colour of the tile to cover up with scratches. But remember it is always best to have spare tiles safely stored away – after all, problems may crop up which simple glue or nail polish cannot fix.

2)     Laminate flooring is strong and durable, you could use floor fillers provided by the manufacturer to fix the scratches. For marks left by furniture, you could use nail polish remover or Glue Gone. If the marks are a little too stubborn, try using a pencil eraser. If it’s vinyl flooring, you could use a spare piece of vinyl and sand it to produce a little powder. Mix clear nail polish with this powder and apply it on the burns in vinyl flooring.

3)     If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, and you feel that flaws in the flooring may be beyond economical floor-fixing, you could consider re-flooring. However, you do not need to re-floor the entire house, but only a few key areas. But if you do go for re-flooring the key areas, do not try to attempt cost-cutting by compromising on quality. It is a good investment.

4)     Re-flooring key areas of your home is one of those few home improvement projects which come with high chances of recouping the costs of investment. For the other areas of your Calgary home, you could go for simple and economical floor-fixing.

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