Ok, so we are about to list your Calgary home and you think you have it right. We have given you our advice and some complimentary staging options, then you start to second guess what the potential buyers will like or dislike!. But this is where you have to relax because part of our service is to take away anxiety, and selling your home should not be stressful.

The first Impression: So usually they are ok with the price range or they would not see the value in your home and their realtor would not be showing it to them. Remember first impressions, the home has to have good curb appeal, grass cut and weed wacked, front door and entrance washed down and sparkling clean. If they have a negative at the front door such as lack of TLC it will follow them through the home and everything they look at.

Showtime: Blinds up for showings, remember it’s showtime and that means light and space, that is what most buyers like. And you already de-cluttered didn’t you?

Tick the Boxes: They begin the walkthrough and hopefully start to tick the boxes. Flooring, appliances, open concept. The floors look good and the job you did on cleaning the house is paying off. Nobody likes someone else’s dirt.

Projects: Most people don’t mind one maybe two projects especially if they are cosmetic, but don’t have the “they can fix it attitude” because you are setting yourself up for a low offer.

Organized: Features that help keep them organized are important to many homebuyers. Having a laundry room where they can keep laundry out of sight in a separate room is good. In a recent survey 90% of those surveyed said it was a huge plus, 57% said they would be unlikely to buy a home without it. A walk-in pantry in the kitchen is considered desirable by 85% of buyers.

Entertaining: They will picture their family and friends visiting, have they got the space, is there some outdoor living.

Garden area: Has the garden been worked on and received love and care, or is it another project. Hard to see in winter months, but buyers are looking for “tell tale signs”.

Efficiency: A top priority for many Calgary buyers is the energy efficiency of the home, insulation, how are the windows, have the furnaces been maintained, filters changed. Make sure it is serviced and there is the all important sticker on it!

Location: Will the home work for them as the kids grow up, school location as well as the homes location can be a big plus or minus.Whats the community like?

Road Access: How hard or easy will it be to get to work, drop the kids at school, where is the school bus pick up, and what is the travel time at both busy times of the day.

Garage Space: Garage space for storage of bikes, lawn care and sports equipment is high on the buyers list. Cupboards and a workbench in the garage are important. In Calgary water drainage for winter is a big plus.

Getting Serious: When the buyer seriously considers your home it usually starts with the “feel” of the house, does it work, where little Johnnies room! Then they have to see the value in it, compared to other homes they have seen. This can be hard in a down market when the competition is a lot greater.

This is why you need a team to work with, offer advice based on experience, and guide you through the decision making.

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